Tim Cook: ‘It’s going to be an iPad Christmas’ – for those that can find one

Tim Cook: ‘It’s going to be an iPad Christmas’ – for those that can find oneRegardless of how you feel about the fruity manufacturer, it’s fair to say that Apple’s fiscal Q4 iPad volumes were pretty underwhelming. Of course, it was widely accepted that the Californians would unveil a pair of spanking new iPads in October, and that they did.

With the release of the iPad Air and iPad mini Retina just in time for Christmas, we can expect those figures to soar ("It's going to be an iPad Christmas", promises Tim Cook), though even the CEO concedes that they’ll be hard to come by.

For months now, we’ve been told that yields of the iPad mini Retina in particular are worryingly low, so much so that Apple supposedly considered putting the launch back to next year.

Speaking on Apple's fiscal Q4 earnings call, Tim Cook admitted: “It's not clear if we'll have enough" – that’s in relation to the iPad mini Retina.

And when will the iPad mini Retina be released, Tim? On the Apple site, we’re still told only that it’s coming “later in November”, which is incredibly vague.

Meanwhile, the iPad Air release is confirmed for November 1, this Friday, though again Tim purred: “It's not clear that everyone who wants one will be able to find one."

But then this is nothing new for Apple, with many cynics suggesting that the constant rumours of supply issues are nothing more than a clever marketing ploy to drive demand.

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