Tim Cook: iPhone 6 supply and demand are ‘not on the same planet’

Tim Cook: iPhone 6 supply and demand are ‘not on the same planet’It’s par for the course that demand for the latest iPhone outstrips supply. Some would even argue it’s an intentional tactic to keep consumers ravenous, but Apple seems to have been genuinely taken aback by response to the iPhone 6.

Tim Cook confirms that supply of the Apple iPhone 6 hasn’t yet caught up with the colossal demand. In fact, it’s not even close.

Apple Insider relays speech bubbles from Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the upshot is: Everything Is Awesome.

With regards to iPhone 6 supply and demand, Cook purrs: "We're not nearly balanced, we're not close, we're not on the same planet. That said, I'm really confident that supply is going to be great and that's the reason you see incredibly strong guidance that we're giving [for next quarter]."

Apple initially set pre-order records with the iPhone 6, before notching up a record-breaking opening weekend with 10 million sales in three days (for context, it took the Samsung Galaxy S5 almost a month to hit that milestone).

And the records just keep coming, with 3Q14’s 39 million iPhone sales beating the previous quarterly record of 37.79 million.

In other good news, the iPhone 6 has secured 17% more sales than the iPhone 5s in the US, and 20% more in Europe. Er, presumably that’s compared to the year-ago figures, as opposed to current trends. Better still, how about a 50% increase in Latin America and the Middle East?

Cook’s words give credence to the notion of the iPad Pro slipping back. Earlier this month, unnamed sources from Foxconn said they were far too busy with the iPhone 6 to start work on a brand new product.

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tapi  Oct. 21, 2014 at 18:50

Is it a good idea to admit you're surprised by people wanting your goods? Surely it can't be good for investors "well, we really haven't a clue - we just guess at numbers and hope they're right"?

Have to say though, I'm as surprised as they are - why has the 6 been so popular!? it seems to be less of an upgrade than any of their previous gens, and has had bad press over the OS and build (though, that was just the plus)


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