T-Mobile launches worldwide browsing bundles

T-Mobile launches worldwide browsing bundles

Here's one that is very clearly long overdue. T-Mobile has unveiled new roaming boosters that cover the entire world.

We say 'overdue' because for years, operators have been offering various European boosters. All very nice, and they help keep your traveling costs down if you keep within your allocation. Problem is, for those of us who often travel outside Europe, it can be akin to being mugged the second you step off the plane.

As for these T-Mobile boosters, they start from £1 but are also pretty expensive at the other end of the scale. Nope, the following is not a typo - expect to pay up to £280 for a 50MB bundle if you travel somewhere as exotic as Qatar, Cuba or Brazil. Obviously, these are bundles at the higher end for folk who just really need to be connected, regardless.

As long time users of old T-Mobile, I have to say I'm a fan of their previous Euro tariffs. Having used them lots over the years, I've found them to be reasonable and reliable and whatsmore, they keep you in check. As do other networks, I'm sure.

Frankly, it'll be great if other networks join the party. T-Mobile starts its new tarrifs on June 19th, which is today in case you hadn't noticed. Let's hope the others follow suit soon.

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Treab  Jun. 19, 2012 at 23:26

Tbh you cant buy a £280 package... its a 25mb package for 140... but australia is £30 for 50mb... how is that cheaper O.o


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