T-Mobile and Orange's iPad 2 prices revealed

T-Mobile and Orange's iPad 2 prices revealedWe've already had confirmations from most of the main networks that they'll be carrying the iPad 2 when it launches tomorrow, but Orange and T-Mobile have been the first to name its terms.

The bottom line figures are: £199 to get you in the game with a 16GB Wi-Fi or 3G model if you're an existing customer, or an extra £30 for new signups.

Despite Apple itself charging less for its next-gen slate than the original, that £30 saving won't be reflected in the Everything Everywhere networks' prices, as £199 is exactly what it was charging for the original iPad before docking £100 off the price a month ago.

We have WhatMobile to thank for revealing Orange's iPad 2 pricing, and you have the choice of all three storage sizes over the same 24-month contract, but with a premium up front for the more storage-heavy models.

Existing customers will be charged £25 per month, while new customers will be hit for £27 a month over the 24 months. The 16GB model will cost £199 up front, the 32GB £249 and the 64GB £349.

According to Geeky Gadgets, meanwhile, T-Mobile will only be carrying the 16GB iPad 2 – no sign of when that will change – at exactly the same prices as Orange. For the 16GB model that works out at a total cost of ownership of £799 for existing customers and £877 for new customers.

For that you get 1GB of data per month, along with 1GB of 'quiet-time' data – that's between midnight and 10am.

T-Mobile will start taking orders online and by phone at 5pm tomorrow, the same time the iPad 2 will go on sale in the shops.

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