T-Mobile Pulse Mini, six months free internet, £50 +£10 top-up @ t-mobile.co.uk

T-Mobile Pulse Mini, six months free internet, £50 +£10 top-up @ t-mobile.co.uk[Get into the sack with T-Mobile's, er, Pulse Mini @ t-mobile.co.uk]

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini is a fairly attractive Android prospect at £50. But T-Mobile doesn’t think that’s quite attractive enough. In an effort to further seduce you, they’ve draped six months of free internet across the bed, and thrown in a 2GB memory card for good measure. Those sultry devils.

Top up of £10 is mandatory, but includes 100 free minutes.

The six months free internet booster is valued at £20. Fair use policy is 500MB per month, but doesn’t extend to tethering.

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini comes with a 3.2MP camera, FM radio and mp3 player. Check out our specs page for full details.

(Thanks to Fireball XL-5 on HUKD)

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