T-Mobile Pulse Mini (pink), PAYG, £20 +£10 top-up @ T-Mobile

T-Mobile Pulse Mini (pink), PAYG, £20 +£10 top-up @ T-Mobile[T-Mobile Pulse Mini (pink), £20 @ T-Mobile]

When we first featured the T-Mobile Pulse Mini in deals two months ago, it was £50. One month later it was £40. Now T-Mobile has chopped the price in half, bringing it down to £19.99. Granted it’s only available in pink, but we’re all comfortable with our sexuality here.

Purchase of £10 credit required, making the total price £29.99.

T-Mobile is also throwing in a 6-month free internet bolt-on, worth £20. Can’t argue with that.

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini runs Android, with a 2.8in screen and 3.2MP camera. Check out our full specs page for more details.

(Thanks to mr_deals at HUKD)

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