Top jailbreak features

What are some of the most popular jailbreak features?

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 6, 2014 at 13:36

The ones not yet working for iOS 7, I suppose?!
Seriously: a LOT of Cydia apps and tweaks do not work, yet. Or they work half...

So: a list as the 1,000s you can find online is kind of irrelevant at the moment if you're on iOS7. Who knows how many devs kill their project/s because it duplicates a function that Apple baked into iOS7 - like the task-switcher, NC and CC???
Winterboard only works in summer mode, and even then it's not working perfectly.
SBsettings not perfect, either.

A few smaller tweaks are useful such as ,eg, 'Open In App for Photos' - which allows you to send a pic that you're looking at in your photoapp to any other app that can use or edit photos.
So, no switching apps and scrolling to the right photo again.
(Android people, stop smirking :p )

I reckon many of the former top tweaks need serious rework because
control center, the new taskswitcher and notification center make
various tweaks redundant?!
I tried a few tweaks and apps that allegedly work on iOS7, and found
that they, in fact do not work.
I'd ask again in a couple of weeks.
Also, do not apply the evasion jailbreak adn then perform a factory reset on the
phone!!!! THAT IS NOT SAFE, yet.


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