Tosh delays unnamed tablet

Tosh delays unnamed tabletAt one end of the scale you’ve got Apple, with a penchant for announcing products and shipping them almost immediately. At the opposite end of said scale, there’s Toshiba, with its still-unnamed tablet.

The official trailer for the Toshiba Tablet first appeared in January, and was recently thought to be heading for a Q2 release. As if that wasn’t a painful enough wait, it’ll now be Q3 before we get our hands on the impressive-looking beast.

Ken Chan, Toshiba UK’s boss of business laptops, tells Reg Hardware: “It’ll be here at the very end of summer.” That’d be September then, eight months after the tablet was first shown off.

It’s not clear why the Toshiba Tablet has been delayed, though it could be a result of the earthquake in Japan, which has affected supply of a number of products recently.

The Toshiba Tablet, which Tosh reckons is “superior” to the iPad 2, has a 10.1in screen, Tegra 2 processor, the “full web” (i.e. Flash support), 5MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing, HDMI and USB ports, and runs Honeycomb. Not too shabby, huh?

Hurry up, Tosh.

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