Toshiba: 13.3in tablet is merely a concept

Toshiba: 13.3in tablet is merely a conceptYesterday, the Great Martinez was scribbling about a couple of interesting Toshiba concept tablets shown off in London, but the Japanese manufacturer has reiterated that they are just that: concepts.

Toshiba is in fact very much open to different sizes, and even different operating systems. Good on you, Tosh.

The tablets displayed earlier this week weighed in at 7.7in and – wait for it – 13.3in, the latter being one of the biggest slates we’ve ever laid eyes on.

However, Paul Hicks, product manager for Toshiba’s tablets, tells Pocket-lint: "We are looking at variable sizes of tablets and various operating systems.

"It’s a very interesting market for Toshiba. We will be launching further models throughout 2012, and it’s a market that we’re very much investing in.

"The tablet concepts that we’re showing here today just show what we’re potentially looking at launching in the future, or products that we’re considering and gauging feedback from customers.

"We’re just gauging customer feedback at the moment. We can’t comment on whether we’ll actually launch this size of product, but it’s an idea of what we’re currently considering."

Of course, Windows 8 is on the way. That seems like a pretty safe bet. As Paul says: "Just wait until later in 2012."

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Pondlife  Mar. 8, 2012 at 19:38

Shame, so they'll bottle it and stick to same as everyone else. :(


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