Toshiba AT100 (Thrive) landing in UK tomorrow (price updated)

Toshiba AT100 (Thrive) landing in UK tomorrow (price updated)Toshiba Thrive isn’t exactly the greatest name for a tablet, but it rolls off the tongue easily enough. Sadly, when it arrives in the UK tomorrow, the Thrive would prefer if you addressed it as the Toshiba AT100.

Talk about consumer friendly. Apple has really missed the boat there.

All terrible attempts at comedy aside, I really liked the look of the Toshiba AT100 when it first popped up in January. It boasted front and rear cameras (2MP/5MP), Honeycomb (Android 3.1), a 10.1in 1280x800 display, full-size USB, HDMI and SD ports, Flash support, and a removable battery.

Technically, the Toshiba AT100 was in many ways better than the iPad. But the tablet scene has changed dramatically in the eight months it has taken Toshiba to bring the AT100 to market.

There’s the iPad 2, of course, and in general we’re now used to seeing stupidly slim models. The excellent Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, for example, is 8.6mm thin, while the Toshiba AT100 is 15.7mm thick. Cripes.

And while the email we received this morning describes the Toshiba AT100’s weight as “just 765g”, that’s a whole 35g heavier than the weighty Motorola Xoom.

As for the pricing, well the 16GB Toshiba AT100 is expected to come in at £400. For f…

UPDATE: Toshiba's PR guys, Fever, tell us the AT100 will have a TPP (typical purchase price) of £379.99. Ok, that's a wee bit better.

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blizzard7  Aug. 31, 2011 at 14:35

Good to see Toshiba aiming to be unique and ahead of the curve.

anthonyking479  Aug. 31, 2011 at 16:02

The Toshiba has got alot of up sides to it,but also a few downside as well.The Tegra chip although good is slow compared to up to date tablets,and is a little on the heavy side.The Toshiba Thrive came out in America a while back,and i admit i was very interested because of the plus side of things.Firstly,running on the fully up to date Honeycomb 3.1 is a great plus for any tablet.The ability to replace the battery,no other tablet i'm aware of allows this ability.Average tablet battery life is 2-3 yrs,and some will not be able to be replaced at all.Better tablets will need to be sent away,and thats going to cost a fair bit.The toshiba battery can be purchased,and can be easily fitted by the user.

Toshiba has been putting out quality laptops for years,so i suspect there venture to tablets could be an exciting one.


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