Toshiba to show off new 3D tech and 367ppi displays

Toshiba to show off new 3D tech and 367ppi displaysToshiba is in attendance at the fantastically named 2011 Society for Information Display (SID) International Symposium, Seminar & Exhibition, and a press release promises that it’ll “exhibit next-generation displays and technologies for mobile phones and portable electronics”.

Included in its exhibition is glasses-free 3D technology, to be shown off on 3 and 8in displays. Sounds like smartphone and tablet territory to us. The technology boasts “a fast response time and a wide viewing angle”.

In Tosh’s mobile booth, they’ll show off high-resolution LTPS displays, with up to 367 pixels per inch. That tops Apple’s Retina display, which manages 326 ppi.

The high-res tech will be demonstrated on a range of displays, from 3.3in with 480x864 resolution, to 720x1280 4in screens.

In addition, the contrast will be up to 1,500:1. The iPhone 4’s contrast, to give that figure some context, is 800:1.

Impressive stuff, though it’ll likely be some time before we see the technology hit shelves.

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