Toshiba tablet: now it’s the Google Nexus T (maybe)

Toshiba tablet: now it’s the Google Nexus T (maybe)The official trailer for the Toshiba Tablet has been kicking around since January. Since then, Tosh has been busy mouthing off about its tablet being “superior” to the iPad 2, but one thing still hasn’t been finalised in all that time; a name.

So far it’s been suggested that the tablet might be called the ANT (or, more specifically, the ANT-100, ANT-102 or ANT-104 depending on the model); or the Thrive; or – wait for it – the Toshiba Regza AT300. All of those are rubbish, right? Well how does Nexus T sound?

That’s what metalev’s Luke Hutchinson thinks anyway, based on a subtle Twitter-based clue. A competition run by @googlenexus had the answer “PRISMATIC”, and the Toshiba Tablet is seemingly the only device out there with a prismatic battery. Incidentally, the battery claims to last three times as long as a normal lithium one.

Luke reckons the Nexus T (a name he admittedly made up) might be given away to attendees at Google’s I/O event, which kicks off on May 10.

Previously we've had the Google Nexus One, manufactured by HTC, and the Samsung-developed Google Nexus S. Will Google throw its weight behind the Toshiba Tablet next?

All conjecture for now, but time will tell…

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Deeko1  May. 5, 2011 at 13:59

Have you looked up the word "prismatic"? Nothing more exciting than a cuboid or rectangulr box shape rather than a cylindrical shape.

McLovin2  May. 5, 2011 at 17:27

It would make me happy if Google would choose this as their development Nexus tablet. It makes sense that they would choose the only sensible tablet with a user replaceable battery over all the other iPad drones.


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