Toshiba tablet: now it's the Regza AT300

Toshiba tablet: now it's the Regza AT300The tale of the Toshiba tablet just keeps on developing. You'll recall that this is the slate its maker reckons is better than the iPad 2 in a classic “well, they would say that, wouldn't they?” moment.

You may also recall that Toshiba seemed to take an age in revealing the simple matter of the tablet's name, before outing the slightly disappointing ANT moniker. Well, it's now gone from one extreme to the other, as at least two more names have jumped into the frame as potential contenders.

It was only last week that the previously nameless tab was spotted on a US shopping site sporting the ANT name, or more accurately the ANT-100, ANT-102 and ANT-104 derivatives depending on the storage you're after.

A classic name it most certainly isn't, but the story doesn't end there. Also last week it emerged that Toshiba had secured a whole bunch of domains centred around the rather odd name Thrive (such as and so on).

Now comes a full-blown spec unveil over in Japan, which doesn't really give us any details we didn't already know, but does clear up a launch date (June) and an official product name, the Toshiba Regza Tablet AT300.

For the rest, it's got a Tegra 2 processor, a 10.1in screen, runs Android Honeycomb and will be able to tap into Tosh's Regza Connect apps developed for its Smart TVs, as well as the conventional Android Market apps.

That June launch date is just for Japan, by the way, so we'll assume it'll be a couple of months after that before it arrives on these shores.

So there it is: three potential names – one rubbish, one strange, and one boring. We're starting to wish we could go back to the days when the Toshiba slate had no name at all.

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