HP TouchPad Go: the 7-inch tablet you'll never see

HP TouchPad Go: the 7-inch tablet you'll never seeWe're loving all these Chinese leaks at the moment - and here's another for you: a 7-inch version of the HP TouchPad.

Sadly though, we have to break it to you that you won't be getting your mitts on this unless you have a secret friend high up in the HP management echelons.

A post over on ZooPDA forums - complete with photos - shows the little brother, complete with its 1.5GHz Qualcomm APQ8060 Snapdragon processor, 16GB of internal storage and NFC chip and the original poster reckons he or she has had this baby for three whole months.

It's the same resolution as the main Touch Pad but with a strange aspect ratio of 4:3 which strikes us as rather old fashioned. Then again, HP certainly does like to do things differently - just look at the debacle over getting hold of a TouchPad recently and that amazing £89 deal!

If these Chinese forums could maybe leak next week's winning lottery numbers in advance next, we'd be ever so grateful.

For the rest of the pics - there are four in total - head over to This Is My Next.

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