Get tough with the Gresso Xtreme X3

Get tough with the Gresso Xtreme X3Last time we heard from Gresso we were admiring the pretty but bonkers Lady Blanche $30k iPhone 4, and now we have this – the Gresso Extreme X3.

As you've no doubt guessed from the name and the picture, it's one of those “rugged” gadgets, and it's certainly taking no prisoners when it comes to its tough guy street cred.

First of all, it's got the obligatory chunky design, complete with black or orange colour scheme to match your favourite construction site.

It isn't bothered by a fair bit of abuse, either. Gresso says it will withstand up to a tonne of weight on top of it, won't flinch at being dropped from a height of up to 7m, and will survive temperature extremes from -50 degrees C up to +60 deg C. Which is probably more than can be said for anyone unlucky enough to be holding it at the time.

Oh, and it doesn't mind a swim, either – in fact, it has nabbed itself an entry in the good book of Guinness for being the first handset able to remain underwater at depths of up to 5m for a full hour.

As with most rugged phones, the actual phone part is nothing to write home about – it looks a lot like a mid-90s Nokia, and pretty much has a spec to match.

The Gresso Xtreme X3 has been priced at $270 in the US, where it'll go on sale next month. No word yet on UK pricing and availability.

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blizzard7  Aug. 22, 2011 at 11:58

Looks like Gresso themselves are a bit confused how to spell "Extreme". They spell it correctly on the phone but spell it the ultra-cool way with out an e at the start in their marketing blurb :p


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