Toy Story 3 Memory Match iPhone review

Toy Story 3 Memory Match iPhone reviewThe success of the Toy Story franchise owes largely to its appeal to both kids and adults alike. It’s bright and fun and loud enough to keep the little ones entertained, while us big kids lap up the subtle jokes about Star Wars and the like. Toy Story 3 Memory Match for the iPhone, however, is aimed squarely at children. Mostly.

Some of you might recall the awesome late 80s/early 90s US quiz show Classic Concentration, hosted by a moustachioed Alex Trebek. In Classic Concentration, the contestants took turns at flipping panels, scoring points for matching pairs and occasionally winning outrageous prizes, including boats, cars and fur coats. Toy Story 3 Memory Match is much the same thing, and even throws in a few prizes of its own. No fur coats though, sadly.

In Free Play, you have all the time in the world to match pairs in a 4x5 grid. All your favourite Toy Story characters are here, such as Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mr Potato Head, the dinosaur, and that pig voiced by the guy from Cheers.

Toy Story 3 Memory Match’s Timed Challenge has three modes: Easy, Medium and Hard. Upping the difficulty reduces the time limit and increases the number of tiles. Complete a grid in any mode, and receive a free Toy Story 3 picture for your photo album. It’s a really neat touch, and the pictures are a highly decent 640 x 960.

But with those two modes, that’s your lot. Unfortunately there’s no proper multiplayer, although you could hypothetically play with two people sharing the one iPhone.

The sound in Toy Story 3 Memory Match is terrible, quite frankly. Where the heck is Toy Story veteran Randy Newman? When you first launch the game you’ll hear a suitably quirky tune, but it’s soon replaced with absolute silence. Oh, there is a small tone to indicate a successful match, and another to denote a mismatch, but that’s literally all.

To be fair, as basic as Toy Story 3 Memory Match is, it’s absolutely free. There are no annoying adverts and no links to buy additional content. The only vague irritant is the constant presence of Toys R Us, whose name appears on every single screen, but it’s a rather minor gripe.


  • Entirely free
  • Picture prizes
  • Great for kids


  • Little to no sound
  • Toys R Us branding
  • No multiplayer

Summary: A great free download for kids. Toy Story 3 Memory Match doesn’t have a great deal going on, but it’s a fun distraction for a short while.

Developer: Griffin Technology

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Price: free @App Store

Toy Story 3 Memory Match iPhone review

Toy Story 3 Memory Match iPhone review

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