How do I transfer video files to an iPad?

How do I transfer video files (AVI, mp4) to an iPad?

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 26, 2014 at 19:43

mp4 can be handled by the iOS video player. So, just import the file to your iTunes library and sync... iDevices cannot natively play avi, mkv etc... so, either convert them, or install one of the 50,000 videoplayers from the appstore that can... Once the videoplayer is installed, connect your iPad, open iTunes, go to the apps tab. There, scroll to the bottom to see the apps that can import files via itunes. Click on your videoplayer app. On the right you'll now see an empty window and an "add" button. Click ADD, and your filebrowser opens.
Find your video/s and click open. They will now be copied to your iPad (NOTE: they are copied instantly. NO NEED TO SYNC).

NB: When you transfer files to an app that way, and you later decide you do not like that app, make sure you delete those files BEFORE you uninstall the app. Otherwise your iPad's storage may continue to think those files use up space, even though they went poof together with the uninstalled app. It's one of those lovely iOS gliches.


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