Turtle Fly iPhone review

Turtle Fly iPhone reviewYou know that oddly enjoyable and all-too-rare phenomenon whereby time melts away while gaming? That’s pretty much what happened to me earlier today as I was playing Turtle Fly. I intended to head out for lunch at 1pm but didn’t leave till nearer 3pm. Oops.

Turtle Fly, another victim of the recent price hikes on the App Store, is now 69p, but it’s absolutely worth it. Don’t waste your time reading this review; go buy it now. Go, go, go.

The intro sequence explains: “If tutle [sic] can fly, so does human!” Er, ok then. There’s some suitably bizarre back-story about genetic modification, but really it’s just an excuse to fly as high as you possibly can with a jetpack-rocking turtle. It’s every bit as good as it sounds.

As you soar upwards, your fuel slowly drains, but you can replenish your tanks with cola. Obviously. There are also little spanners to repair any damage caused by collisions; there are blimps lower down, and higher up you’ll find airplanes, space rockets and even UFOs. They’re a bit of a pain (as they should be, I guess), but become easier to avoid as you progress.

The action takes place across seven levels in total, and there are achievements to aim for in each. Achieving those, er, achievements, unlocks the later levels. You can always leave a level and go back to it later, but ultimately you need all the achievements to get into level seven.

In the early stages you’re looking at “Fly up to 2000 feet” and “Reach 80mph”, but pretty soon you’ll be aiming for 20,000 feet and 300mph. And how the heck do you accomplish such feats? By enhancing your jetpack-toting turtle of course.

The upgrades are bought with cash, which is awarded for unlocking achievements and collecting diamonds scattered throughout the levels.

Indeed, there are bonus cash awards for the length of time you remain in the sky, and the height reached, so even a failed attempt to earn achievements is worthwhile in the sense that you’ll pocket some moolah.

There are 12 different components that can be upgraded. For example, you can buy your turtle a hat and enhance it to lessen the damage he receives when he hits obstacles.

You can also upgrade your jetpack’s engine and the capacity of the fuel tank, and reduce the rate at which you burn fuel. It’s a similar story for the booster, which the turtle uses temporarily on take-off to achieve awesome-o speeds, before casting it off and giving way to the regular jetpack.

In terms of controls, there’s a boost button in the bottom right of the iScreen, and left/right arrows in the bottom left. That’s it. Nice and simple.

My only complaint is that Turtle Fly is over all too soon. There are only a few hours of entertainment, and unless you fancy trying to beat your record (the game notes how many “days” – i.e. flights – you’ve taken), there’s nothing to hold your interest.

Similarly, it’s initially a lot of fun buying the upgrades, but once you’ve bought them all you’re suddenly left at a loss, with oodles of cash and nothing to buy.

Having said that, Turtle Fly is a lot of fun while it lasts. Check it out.


  • Loads of upgrades
  • Interesting achievements
  • Great soundtrack


  • Pretty short

Summary: A simple idea, well executed. I only wish there were more levels.

Developer: Jerry Lee @ j2sighte

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: 69 @ App Store

Turtle Fly iPhone review

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