Can I tweet more than 160 characters?

I'm told there are some apps that let you tweet more than 160 characters. MY question is: would Google ban me on twitter for doing so?

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 22, 2013 at 16:03

No, Google (?) wouldn't ban you! Nor Twitter. Your tweet wouldn't actually be any longer. It would contain a link to the full text while still remaining under the limit.!


j sjsjks sksks skskskskskksksks sksksksksksk sslla;kslkjjahfhdh mxjchghqehf
bhdkjjddasfdfhdsf jddfhahsdjhfhjasdfhjahhfhahlf
sdnnfsjffhhdhfhd jkdfhsdhfkhsaf dfsfjkakjhsdkfhasdfhha nfjafahjhfjkahj

would appear as:
sjsjks sksks + link to the rest hosted by non-Twitter servers

Tweetlonger is one such provider, and yes, there are apps, also.


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