Twenty injured as gun-toting crowd goes mental for LG G2 in ill-conceived PR stunt

Twenty injured as gun-toting crowd goes mental for LG G2 in ill-conceived PR stuntIt’s often said that “any publicity is good publicity”, but I think it’s safe to file this one under “emphatically bad”; LG’s PR department has really shot itself in the foot. Or, more accurately, its fans have shot each other in the face.

The brainiacs at LG PR thought it’d be a great idea to launch balloons into the air containing vouchers for the spanking new LG G2. The upshot? Twenty people injured in the ensuing frenzy and LG footing the resultant hospital bills.

See, with the LG G2 selling for 950,000 won (circa £550), wily South Koreans reportedly turned up at the “G IN THE CLOUD” event in Seoul armed with weapons including BB guns and knives on sticks.

Despite promoting the event on social networks, only around 20 security personnel were hired, and with 100 LG G2 vouchers up for grabs, things quickly got out of hand when the balloons were released.

LG has taken full responsibility, promising “proper medical treatment” for those injured, and sensibly cancelling further events.

A statement from LG reads: “We canceled events offering free G2 smartphones that had been scheduled in major cities nationwide, including Busan, due to safety concerns.”

But hey, at least no one died, as in 2007’s "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" competition. A Sacramento radio station encouraged contestants to drink ludicrous volumes of water, and one woman – a mother of three – subsequently died.

Similarly, a Birmingham radio station was fined £15,000 in 2003 after encouraging people to sit on blocks of ice, resulting in skin grafts and weeks of hospital treatment for frostbite.

via: Korea Times

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