Twin 'leaks' add a bit more weight to Nokia tablet rumours

Twin 'leaks' add a bit more weight to Nokia tablet rumoursIt's time for a double whammy of Nokia tablet rumours, with twin murmours from entirely different directions suggesting that finally we might be wise to start taking the rumours seriously.

First up is a now-removed rendering showing off how a third-party app would look on a tablet, while a Nokia patent application hints at plans for an intriguing approach to a tablet cover by the Finnish firm.

Neither is all that noteworthy on its own, but coming along together they might be worth paying attention to. Especially since the page that showcased the former of the two, which we thought was just an artist's rendering, has now been taken down.

It was meant to show off how the Adidas micoach app would look on a tablet, yet with the page now having disappeared, was it in fact more than that?

The image certainly looks true to what we'd imagine a Nokia tablet would look like, but that in itself proves nothing as everyone has an imagination.

It is worth mentioning, though, that the site that hosted the image, Cargo Collective, is an invite-only site for artists, so this is far from the work of a total amateur.

Twin 'leaks' add a bit more weight to Nokia tablet rumoursAs for the patent application, again it could be just another application, but it's certainly an interesting concept. It's for an “apparatus cover with keyboard”, a cover with an integrated keyboard in other words, and the image shows a fairly neat and tidy cover design that in addition to housing a keyboard also has a slot for a stylus.

That's consistent with the rest of the design direction we're picking up from Nokia in terms of its tablet ambitions, which again isn't saying that much considering Nokia hasn't really admitted to having any tablet ambitions at all.

But it's a fair bit to chew over, all the same.

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