Two-thirds of UK population fears being sans mobile

Two-thirds of UK population fears being sans mobileWe’ve touched on the “mobile addiction” thing before, with a story on “phantom” vibrations and the suggestion that Twitter is more addictive – or more compulsive, at least – than boozing and smoking.

Now a survey by SecurEnvoy suggests that two-thirds of the UK population suffers from nomophobia – the fear of nomosexuals. Sorry, that should be: fear of being without your mobile. Ahem.

One thousand UK peeps were polled, and a surprising 41% have two or more mobiles. However, it’s not clear how many of those are business peeps, with a bonus BlackBerry or whatever.

The fairer sex is generally more worried about losing its mobiles, with 70% of chicks freaking out compared to 61% of dudes.

Interestingly, almost half of the respondents said they’d be annoyed if their partner looked at the messages on their phone. Flirting? Text sex? Virtual affairs? I’m both shocked and appalled.

“The first study into nomophobia, conducted four years ago, revealed that 53% of people suffered from the condition and our study reveals this has now risen to 66% in the UK and shows no sign of abating,” purred Andy Kemshall, SecurEnvoy CTO and co founder.

“A reversal on the 2008 findings is that, back then, it was men that were more afflicted yet today it’s women. I’d be inclined to draw the conclusion that, perhaps because more men have two phones, they’re less likely to misplace both and therefore be left phone-less.

“There is another study into mobile phone usethat found people check their phones, on average, 34 times a day so it wouldn’t take long for you to realise if you’d misplaced your device.”

Thirty-four times a day? Corpus Christi. I’ve actually started to appreciate leaving my mobile behind when I go a wander to the shops or whatever. But not for too long, mind. Someone might’ve texted me.

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Rubisco  Feb. 18, 2012 at 19:41

Phobias have a greek root. Nomophobia is fear of the law. End of.


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