Unreal Engine games are coming to Android says Epic VP

Unreal Engine games are coming to Android says Epic VPAndroid isn't exactly a platform associated with gaming – if you ignore the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, that is – but there's good news on the horizon as Epic Games vice president Mark Rein has confirmed that the Unreal Development Kit is being primed for release on Google's mobile OS.

Speaking to gaming site Gamasutra, Rein dismissed talk that UDK was giving Android a wide berth, saying it was simply a matter of waiting for Google to smooth over a couple of issues.

“We've been supporting [Android] for quite a while, and we've been providing [Unreal Engine 3] in source code format to our licensees,” Rein said in a phone interview.

Several publishers have already confirmed plans to develop mobile games using UE3 for both iOS and Android, with Epic's UE3-based Infinity Blade having already touched down on Apple's platform late last year.

The problem holding things back at present on Android is that UDK lends itself to larger titles, but Android games and apps are currently restricted to a maximum 50MB file size.

“It'd be difficult for anybody right now to make a game with UDK and ship it on Android, because Unreal is for making high-end, high-quality-content games, and most of them are pretty large, because you can make a large game with it,” Rein explained.

“UDK will come eventually to Android, and Google is going to solve [the 50MB file size] problem – we know they're working on it, but we don't know the release date and we don't know when it will get into the hands of all the different vendors with all the different phones.”

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stezo2k  Apr. 7, 2011 at 18:21

50MB? How so? Asphalt 6 is nearly 1GB

Andy247  Apr. 7, 2011 at 19:23

Not associated with gaming? Arcade by Kongregate, the existing Playstation Suite, Angry Birds (for Free), Alchemy etc. there's an endless list of games on Android.


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