UK leading the way when it comes to online shopping

UK leading the way when it comes to online shoppingIt's survey o'clock and in today's helping of meaningless statistics, we can reveal that UK shoppers are ahead of the curve when it comes to shopping online.

Auditing and consulting giant KPMG reckons 77% of Brits are happy to trust to the Great Online when buying the likes of CDs, DVDs, books and games online, compared to an average of 65% across the other 30 countries surveyed.

Others areas where us tech-savvy Brits are future-proofing our spending habits is when booking flights and holidays online (74%) and using online grocery shopping (60%). That contrasts sharply with the US, where just 21% buy their groceries online.

And it's that last point that stops us short of painting the UK public as some kind of super-advanced cyber society. We'd imagine the difference is more to do with the fact that we rely more on public transport than our gas-guzzling US friends do, and so buying your weekly groceries online is a fair bit more appealing than lugging 15 bags onto the Tube.

Bucking the trend completely, however, is the topic of online banking, where just 27% of UK consumers have used some form of online banking in the past six months versus 52%. That could be a sign that their online banking services are better, or it could be that our face-to-face banking service is superior – the numbers simply don't say.

One thing the survey does make clear is the dramatically increased role of Facebook, Twitter and online crowdsourced reviews in helping consumers make buying decisions, a move towards a more social peer-review system that has only really surfaced over the past few years.


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Rubisco  Dec. 5, 2011 at 12:06

The impact of Facebook obviously exaggerated by the fact most surveys these days are completed to earn Facebook credits...


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