Do any UK mobile networks offer itemised browsing?

Do any UK mobile networks offer itemised browsing?
I ask because I've agreed that my son can have a smartphone as long as he keeps his browsing clean!! The threat of itemised billing would keep him right, I'm sure!

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JanSt / MOD  May. 28, 2013 at 18:58

Nope... Not happening. They can find out what sites were accessed if you question the accuracy of their billing on a given day/time, or if you feel you visited a phishing site, but you cannot get itemised bills. They'd also be absolutely impractical - they'd contain every single redirect, pop-up, etc etc.... You can visit two sites, but actually, in the background, you leave a trail of dozens of URLs... There might actually be naughty stuff on such a bill that you (or your son) never even noticed - pop-up 'web-chat' stuff etc...

You will have to trust him. There are other ways for him to work around family filters and such, also. It's annoying.

If you think he'd be tempted, you could take the 'other' route: sit down with him. Visit some really embarassingly disgusting sites. Visit sites by former p*rnstars who now campaign against the industry - the drug and violence etc... You are giving your child an adult tool. Show him how to use it. Show him you KNOW what is going on. Might get you some respect points, and open up the discussion. From one day to the next our kids can suddenly vote, drink, and drive cars - one the most violent inventions ever...


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