More than half of UK phone users don't think they need online security

More than half of UK phone users don't think they need online securityOnline threats may still be targeted mainly at old-school PC users, but that may change pretty quickly if those shady digital conmen spot the results of a new Bullguard survey.

According to the mobile security firm, more than half of UK smartphone users are completely unaware of the uses and need for mobile phone security.

It's a simple fact that virus writers, spammers and other online con artists tend to focus their efforts most on the technologies and systems that are most popular with the general public. That's the reason why Macs have traditionally been safer than PCs, and why mobile phones used to be almost completely free from malware.

But that has certainly changed these days, when you consider that nearly half a billion mobile phones will be sold this year – with an ever-growing proportion being smartphones.

So it's fairly alarming that of the 2,000 UK mobile users Bullguard spoke to, fully 53% said they didn't think phones needed protecting.

Some of the other figures were equally disturbing: 49% of those polled said they “have never been concerned about accessing the internet from a mobile phone”, and 42% said it had never crossed their mind. Nearly one in four actively argued that protection wasn't necessarily.

“It's not really surprising that consumers haven't responded to this emerging threat,” Bullguard's Claus Villumsen commented. “People want to buy products that 'just work', and not concern themselves with jumping through more hoops once a device is up and running.

“The key thing to remember here is that Smartphones are effectively miniature computers and so are just as vulnerable.”

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 14, 2011 at 12:17

Unfortunately, Bullguard fail to mention that all 'attacks' so far through malware apps WOULD NOT have been stopped by the available security programs.
They also don't mention that their real concern is that they are losing market shares when Microsoft include or offer free protection with Win7, and also when word gets around that free alternatives to expensive bloatware manages to beat the a*s of £100 security suits.
Don't get me wrong, we will need 'security' for our phones soon, but those billion dollar businesses who try to scare us into submission right now, have no real solutions, yet. Instead they teach customers to sheepishly rely on an app to protect us from apps.
Another issue is that many of the vendors are 'in bed' with government agencies. To please them they curtail our freedoms in often idiosyncratic manners, classifying entire filetypes as malware, calling sites 'dangerous' only because the paranoid protestionist agencies of one nation deems those sites dangerous (to their greed).
When my 'online security' becomes an issue of 'national security', my scepticism alert goes off.

GalaxyStar  Jun. 14, 2011 at 17:44

I think it's a load of crap and companies are trying to scare people into buying software. This article doesn't help either. Seriously when was the last time you heard of someone having their phone hacked or lost privacy by using their phone for online browsing? Erm never apart from the rich and famous celebs. It's all lies, we don't need security on the phones yet, do NOT buy into it.


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