No UK release for the HTC One M8 Eye

No UK release for the HTC One M8 EyeIn the space of just a week, HTC’s wares went from reasonably-easy-to-follow to WHAT THE ACTUAL MOTHER OF F, thanks to the Desire Eye and One M8 Eye, and the rumoured E8 Eye. Eye phones for all (get it?).

As we suggested when it first launched, the HTC One M8 Eye ain’t coming to the UK. Should you be upset? Not one bit.

Fudzilla credits “some local DACH HTC representatives” when it says the HTC One M8 Eye won’t be released in the UK – or indeed anywhere in Europe. Instead, it'll remain exclusive to China and India.

For those struggling to keep score, the HTC Desire Eye is the one with the 13MP front and rear snappers, but no Duo Camera technology.

Meanwhile, the HTC One M8 Eye is identical – literally identical – to the existing One M8, except it swaps out the Dual 4MP UltraPixel rear camera for a slightly more orthodox 13MP Duo - but non-UltraPixel - equivalent.

And, er, that’s about the size of it. Don’t be expecting optical image stabilisation (OIS) or anything like that. As far as your average consumer goes, the difference between the One M8 and One M8 Eye is less than negligible; it’s not even worth acknowledging, which is why we’re completely unsurprised by this news.

For what it’s worth, HTC says UltraPixels are still “here to stay”, despite launching two phones in one week without the technology.

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krogothnx  Oct. 23, 2014 at 22:19

Theory: HTC has actually somewhat recovered, and now global demand is actually higher than the yield for the ultrapixel fabrication process, so they're doing these models as an alternative for higher selling markets

Don't hear about HTC tanking much anymore so could be true.


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