The Umeox X5: 5.3in screen, 5.6mm thick

The Umeox X5: 5.3in screen, 5.6mm thickSmartphones just can't keep getting thinner and thinner. They just can't. And yet... they do.

No sooner has Huawei's rather attractive Ascend P6 wooed us with its 6.18mm profile than we hear talk of a still-slimmer device called the Umeox X5 coming in at just... wait for it... 5.6mm thick.

News of the X5 first surfaced at the end of last month, as it happens, and while we'd like to claim we failed to cover it in some kind of protest against the ridiculousness of the whole “world's thinnest smartphone” thing, in reality we simply missed it.

But fortunately (or otherwise) it's back for another crank of the publicity wheel, this time with a few images and a handful of specs having surfaced on the Umeox website.

The former is duly reproduced above, while as for the latter you'll no doubt be a little surprised to hear that despite its skinniness the X5 comes with a display all of 5.3in across. There's nothing on the resolution, though from the other credentials we'd say expect no more than a 720p panel.

Elsewhere all we can say is it has a dual-core processor, 8MP/3MP cameras and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean... in other words, details remain about as thin on the ground as the Umeox X5 itself is.

GSM Insider, the site that's shared news of the X5 with the wider world, claims it will indeed be heading to Europe from its native China over the summer, landing first in France before potentially heading elsewhere too, presumably depending on how well it's received.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 26, 2013 at 19:21

If you make it that big, a milimetre or two hardly make a difference. But then: they now had some exposure...


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