Is it possible to unbrick a phone?

If a phone gets bricked - is it possible to unbrick it?! Or is it usually THE END?

Most Useful Answer jaybear88  Apr. 18, 2012 at 15:09

I'm probably going to suggest something you have already tried but; have you given fastboot/recovery mode a try using the power and volume keys?

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CTPAHHIK  Dec. 12, 2011 at 17:58

It depends on definition of bricked. If phone does not power on it does not mean that it's bricked - it just, well, does not boot up. You have to be more specific as to which phone you are referring to and what does bricked mean?

matt101101 / MOD  Dec. 12, 2011 at 18:24

Soft brick or hard brick? What type of phone? Need more info before we can help mate :).

SquidddSr  Apr. 18, 2012 at 03:00

well you guys seem like you can help and i hope that you for some reason see this post here in the future..

Invalid Flash Mode (S) (Boot Failure)
To return to normal mode - first press power ker to power down

Device is LOCKED. Status Code:0

Battery OK
OK to Program
Transfer Mode:
USB Connected

Invalid CG OTV (CG: system): Invalid SP Data
Invalid CG HAB (CG: system, status: 0X004e)
Invalid CG OTV (CG: system)

This is what shows up on my screen, i do have a droid razr

if any help please let me know

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 18, 2012 at 12:49

I don't have RAZR. Does screen shows anything or you getting those messages from some tool on your PC connected via USB to the phone?

Think you need to do factory restore. Did you fix it yet?

SpeedyG  Apr. 18, 2012 at 12:57

Have you tried XDA forums for advice on recovering the ROM. Always check your bootloader and make sure you have back-ups in case you can't get the phone started at all and need a new one.

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 18, 2012 at 13:05

You can't backup bootloader. It seems that his bootloader is fine; otherwise, he would not be able to communicate with phone at all.

SquidddSr  Apr. 18, 2012 at 14:32

I think i am stuck in a boot loop the only problem i am having now at this point is charging my phone. I can see that my phone has a white lite at the top when plugged in via USB so i am not sure if it is charging or not. Last night i did have the back of my phone off and was trying to hook up the wires directly to the positive and negative but wasnt sure if it was working. I think power is my only problem at this point right now

jaybear88  Apr. 18, 2012 at 15:09

I'm probably going to suggest something you have already tried but; have you given fastboot/recovery mode a try using the power and volume keys?

SquidddSr  Apr. 18, 2012 at 16:17

recovery mode does not work. I tried installing ICS with a batch file and i **** it up

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 18, 2012 at 18:17

Recovery is part of boot partition, kernel would be there also. This part is definitely messed up. What jaybear is saying was to try fastboot, which is part of bootloader.

Let me check on XDA how to restore RAZR.

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 18, 2012 at 18:27

Can you try this? I remember using RSD Lite with Atrix, but don't remember exactly what I was doing.

Report how it goes.

Do you have CDMA or GSM (SIM locked/unlocked)?
For battery - charge with original charged. Don't remember if USB PC will initialize correctly without working boot image.

jaybear88  Apr. 18, 2012 at 21:13

Ah at least someone who knows what they're doing is on the case now ;)

SquidddSr  Apr. 18, 2012 at 21:17

yeah so i think i can get this to work been downloading it but the only problem still is that my phone battery is dead as a mofo any ideas on how to charge it besides the menu glitches

CTPAHHIK  Apr. 19, 2012 at 09:52

Can you plug it in using charger that came with phone? It should be working. White light means charging.

kerrycon  May. 1, 2012 at 07:07

I've got a Samba Q100 cellphone from bluproducts, i was running winrar and mobiola software and the usb connection got cut while the phone was in mass storage mode. There was no power and then mins later it came on and the screen showed a usb icon and seemed to be loading something, but i still cant access any info on the phone. ANY SUGGESTIONS??


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