Undercover Lover iPhone review

Undercover Lover iPhone reviewUndercover Lover is one the strangest games I’ve played in a long time. It’s essentially Where’s Waldo? with a generous helping of lovestruck bunny rabbits. Mental.

The Backdoor Bunnies, as they’re called, are all in love with Smokie the heartbreaker. In an attempt to elude his pursuers, Smokie continually dresses up in different outfits. Your chosen Backdoor Bunny shows you what he currently looks like, and you have a few seconds in which to spot him in a field full of other rabbits. Obviously.

The game starts out easy enough. There’s just Smokie and two others, so picking out the heartbreaker is simple. But as you progress, more and more rabbits pile into the field, and some of them look incredibly similar to loverboy.

There are two modes in Undercover Lover. In Quick Play, the aim is simply to last as long as possible. The clock continually ticks down, but identifying Smokie correctly claws back vital milliseconds. Adventure mode is much the same, but the game is split into different levels.

Smokie’s outfits are hugely varied. Among tons of other junk, he has a surfboard, a fishing rod, a bear costume, a soldier’s uniform and a sword. As you work your way through Adventure mode, you unlock increasingly ridiculous clothing for Smokie, including a Santa suit.

Undercover Lover is a true test of concentration. If your mind happens to wander when the Backdoor Bunny shows you Smokie’s current outfit, you’re screwed. You can usually pick him out with a series of desperate taps, but you’ll waste vital seconds and inevitably it’ll be game over before long.

There’s something strangely endearing about Undercover Lover. It looks great, and the variety of different disguises adopted by Smokie keeps things interesting. It’s a little samey, but still a fun distraction for a while.


  • Cartoon-style visuals
  • Smokie’s outfits
  • Suitably silly soundtrack


  • Samey
  • Samey
  • Samey

Summary: Look at a picture of Smokie, then pick him out from a field full of rabbits. That’s all there is to it, but it’s fun for a bit.

Developer: Skylon Games

Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Price: 59p @ App Store

Undercover Lover iPhone review

Undercover Lover iPhone review

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