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If I jailbreak my iPhone, would I be able to unjailbreak it?
Does jailbreaking void the warranty, and would Apple know even if I was able to switch it back?

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 27, 2014 at 12:30

Apple would know.

Officially, yes - your warranty is voided when you jailbreak. But there is nudge-nudge wink-wink wriggle room.
I had an iPhone repaired (reflashed) that 'bricked' when two Cydia tweaks clashed...
A colleague had an iPad's homebutton repaired free of charge although it was jailbreaked.

But, yes - assume the worst: no warranty repairs.

As to reverting or de-jailbreaking (what's the term? Imprisoning?):
If you jailbreak with Evasion, you revert by restoring the phone with iTunes. NOT by factory resetting - doing a factory reset on an iDevice that was jailbreaked with Evasion does nothing - at least in my experience.
So, you either restore by installing the iPhone 'ROM' (an .ipsw file) - assuming it's stored on your PC from a previous OS update. For that: connect your phone to the PC/Mac; open iTunes.
and go to the phone summary screen. Right-click on "restore". A window will open to find the .ipsw file. If you don't have that file on your PC, that won't work. You can then restore by connecting your device in recovery mode. Turn it off. Start iTunes on your PC. Connect the USB cable to the PC but NOT yet to the phone. Turn on the phone by holding the power and home button. After 10 secs release the power button but keep the home button pressed.
Without breaking your fingers NOW connect the cable to the phone (STILL press the home button!). After a few seconds iTunes will tell you that a phone in recovery has been detected.
Now you get the option to restore. If iTunes finds no .ipsw file on your PC, it'll download it.
That is about 1.3GB! Once downloaded, the phone will be restored to factory state. Then you can restore all your apps, settings etc from a back-up that you perform BEFORE you do any of the things I just described!!!!!. iTunes will NOT restore any of the jailbreak apps or tweaks.

So, b e f o r e you do anything, back up your phone.


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