One unexpected guest at The Daily launch: the iPad 2?

One unexpected guest at The Daily launch: the iPad 2?So by all accounts the iPad-only digital newspaper The Daily is quite the multimedia publication for the modern age – even if it's just for our American chums for the time being.

Nonetheless, it's certainly interesting to hear allegations from no less esteemed a source than Reuters claiming one of the eager pundits in attendance had clutched in his very own mitts a sneaky early copy of the iPad 2.

Reuters traditionally isn't known for being the sensationalist sort, but we do feel ourselves pinching away at the nearest pile of salt when we hear the less-than-convincing: “a source with knowledge of the device confirmed its existence.”

Now we assume by “existence” the renowned news-peddler means at the event itself, rather than altogether – we've moved on beyond that, after all. But there are still serious question marks. According to the unnamed source, the slate in question stood out from typical first-gen iPads by the avowed presence of a front-facing camera.

Assuming this may just have been a brief glimpse, we're not sure how much stock we should place in the report. And either way, “iPad 2 spotted with front-facing camera ain't much of a headline”.

That said, is it just us our cynicism that gets us wondering whether someone involved was just trying to steal a bit more attention for the iPad 2 within a couple of hours of Google announcing its seriously impressive Android Honeycomb over at Mountain View.

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