Universal Root App For Android divices (well, almost)

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JanSt / MOD  Apr. 26, 2011 at 21:52

Nothing revolutionary, and actually NOT totally "Universal", but on the weekend I stumbled upon z4root while trying to root a friend's Acer Liquid MT.
z4root was for a while available in the Market. But no more...
Anywhatsoever, it does root an amazing range of Android phones without much fuss. You install the .apk on your your phone, run it, and that is that.

NOTE: When you try to download the z4root.apk, your PC and phone may possibly go on 'strike'. For some reason you need to disable your AntiVirus software to download and save the .apk file.
The download provided in the link below is safe!
More info and some download links over on The Unlockr.com - where you'll also find an (incomplete) list of phones that are and aren't compatible (the Acer is not listed, but z4root works perfectly on the Liquid MT).
As Always: don't shoot the messenger when things go wrong. Blame Google and back up your files before you start anything funny ;)


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