Unofficial Nokia WP7 specs revealed

Unofficial Nokia WP7 specs revealedThe rumour mill is currently busy mouthing off about potential Nokia Windows Phone 7 handsets and specs. There are four rumoured devices so far, including variants of the N8 and recently-launched X7, a QWERTY candybar thingy a bit like the Nokia E6, and a cheapo entry-level effort.

Nokia is said to have bypassed the “chassis 1” guidelines Microsoft sets for Windows Phone 7 devices, and will instead work under “chassis 2” specifications, which are more flexible.

The N8-style device, possibly codenamed W8, will likely be the flagship Nokia WP7 phone. It’s expected to have a 12MP camera, Adreno 320 GPU and dual-core Qualcomm processing goodness, and might land in Q1 or Q2 of 2012. Maybe.

The X7 variant is thought to be codenamed W7, and will rock an 8MP camera and Qualcomm chipset. It’ll possibly be the first Nokia WP7 handset to hit the market, with an ETA of late 2011-ish.

There’s not too much to go on for the other two handsets at the moment. The E6-inspired device is expected to be an enterprise offering, much like its Symbian cousin.

Most interesting of all, though, is the rumour that Nokia is still weighing up its Android options, and will apparently reassess based on the performance of its first WP7 devices. Nokia shareholders will no doubt be sighing into their cornflakes at the suggestion.

via: Slashgear

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