Unpacked5 icons pop up in Samsung Galaxy Note Pro screenshot

Unpacked5 icons pop up in Samsung Galaxy Note Pro screenshotEarlier this week, Samsung fired out an Unpacked5 teaser, presumably pertaining to the Galaxy S5 launch, and there were several decidedly icon-like circles on the right hand side.

Right enough, a couple of the icons have popped up in a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro screenshot, giving us a sneak peek at Sammo’s future UI ambitions.

The screenshot is relayed by French-language site nowhereelse.fr, with big Steve, the site’s founder and editor in chief, pointing out the familiar icons.

Specifically, we can see the little green circle for Outdoor, and the blue circle for Curiosity, both popping up in a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro menu. Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, you say?

Initially it was reported that the screenshot was taken from the Samsung Galaxy S5, but nevertheless, it’s probably fair to say we’ll see them on the imminent flagship. Curiosity, in particular, is said to pertain to Samsung's AllShare DLNA service.

Previously, we’ve seen the spanking new TouchWiz UI looking very much like a blend of Google Now and Windows Phone.

To date, Samsung hasn’t specifically mentioned the Galaxy S5 by name, but we’ll almost certainly meet the flagship at Mobile World Congress in just under two weeks. More specifically, Unpacked5 is going down on February 24.

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moonmonkey  Feb. 14, 2014 at 01:59

More maybe icons?


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