Unstoppable Gorg iPad review

Unstoppable Gorg iPad review

Oh no, another tower defence game! Ready the fleets! Launch all defences! Battle stations!

Feel free to do all of the above, but be aware that Unstoppable Gorg is definitely not "just another" tower defence game. In fact, this premium app packs jaw-dropping production values, massive content and dynamic gameplay into its half-gig file size. It even improves upon its full-price PC brother while revolutionising the genre in the process.

They came from outer space. And we're so very glad they did.

Tower Defence is one of the most prevalent genres on the app store, and Unstoppable Gorg is a near-perfect example of its type. As waves of the ravenous aliens threaten to destroy humanity by trundling along their preset attack paths, you'll need to deploy static defences to hold them off. The tower selection is expansive and tactical, the enemy flying saucers are nuanced and exciting, the interface is beautifully streamlined and the graphics are pixel-sharp even on a first-gen iPad.

Unstoppable Gorg iPad review

But while most TD titles rely on players turtling up, lying back and watching their defenders make a glorious mess of things, Unstoppable Gorg keeps you glued to your tablet with a simple yet utterly game-changing mechanic. Towers are placed into orbits that can be freely rotated at will, and since the Gorg love to switch up their attack vectors, you'll need to constantly relocate your defences to where you need them most. Upgrades, medals and constant new challenges keep you pushing forward, and manipulating your orbits is an instantly intuitive and tactile delight.

I should probably also mention that Unstoppable Gorg is hard as nails. You'll need plenty of attempts to beat the harder levels, but the trial and error structure is brilliantly suited to a mobile platform. Being able to dip in at will, work out the best solutions for the hardest levels or grind away for high scores is a perfect fit for tablets, and you'll likely have your iPad nestled on your lap over the next few days and weeks.

Unstoppable Gorg iPad review

In comparison, the PC version was somewhat lacking. Not because it was bad - far from it - but because the core Unstoppable Gorg experience just works so well on an iPad compared to a mouse and keyboard. I'd be surprised if Apple's tablet wasn't the primary platform at one stage, and it's an essential purchase since the content is practically identical.

All of the above is wrapped in what I can only describe as impeccable 1950s perfection. Hilarious newsreel cutscenes present the storyline with hammy acting, laughable special effects (you can see all the strings) and a cameo from a world-famous burlesque entertainer. As an homage too all things B Movie, Unstoppable Gorg is undeniably brilliant.


  • Tactile, accessible and dynamic TD gameplay
  • Amazing presentation and graphical sheen
  • The perfect 1950s homage; a must for Sci-Fi aficionados
  • Rivals - and exceeds - the more expensive PC version


  • Stiff difficulty curve can frustrate occasionally

Summary: Unstoppable Gorg is a revolutionary Tower Defence title that's perfectly suited to the iPad... and delivers a stonking amount of polished content for its price tag. Literally essential.

Developer: Futuremark Games Studio

Compatibility: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 3.2 or later.

Price: £2.99 - App Store

Unstoppable Gorg iPad review

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