Untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1 announced

... and not published. Tsssk.
Yesterday lady jailbreaker wincom announced on Twitter that, "because of boredom"
she did... the unthinkable:


Yep, she found the solution: and the video shows the proof: an iPhone 4 that runs
iOS 7.1.1 and displays all the evidence of an iDevice with jailbreak. Moreover, it holds the jailbreak after a reboot.

However, it seems Miss Wincom may hold on to the grail and, possibly wait until iOS 8 is launched - as to not spoil the party by telling Apple about exploits that team Cook can then plug. Result: upset.

But maybe she has a point? iOS 8 is not that far away. Furthermore: iOS 7.1.1 is, by all accounts, an absolute stinker of an update - with complaints ranging from "battery issues" to "absolutely unusable piece of sh*t code". So, chances are a) the jailbreak would be like putting lipstick on a pig. And b) Apple might release a further update BEFORE iOS 8 is launched, in which case a jailbreak for iOS 7.1.1. would be useless. Within days or weeks.

Also: it's worth considering that there is a massive difference between jailbreaking ONE iDevice that you have physical access to, and producing a jailbreak solution that can be applied to tens of millions of iDevices remotely without bricking many of them.
It's said that past untethered jailbreaks cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop in such a safe way.

If you follow the link to wincom's Twitter page, you will find a heated debate with other jailbreakers. It is clear HER solution is nowhere near a general application.
And the (sad) consensus appears to be that, at this point, it's hardly worth the effort to follow her path down the jb road. However, the exploits she found may well become essential ingredients. The file in the future jb cake.

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matt101101 / MOD  May. 19, 2014 at 11:37

I agree with her reasoning for not making this publicly available, no one in their right mind would be using 7.1.1 if they could avoid it, so it's hardly worth going to the effort of JB'ing it. Also, as she says, why give Apple the heads up on exploits which could possibly be used to JB iOS 8?

It's a shame Apple haven't embraced the JB community, especially seeing as many of iOS' new features over the years have been almost identical to existing JB features.

Oh well, I guess the percentage of iOS users who even know what JB'ing is must be pretty tiny. Apple's mass market appeal is definitely to those who want a fashion phone which "just works" (unless you want to do something Apple don't agree with; like Bluetooth file transfer or download a file which the phone doesn't have an app to open).

Anyway, that's my Monday morning musing over with...

JanSt / MOD  May. 19, 2014 at 11:47

I wouldn't say the jb knowledgable percentage is "tiny"... I think the first evasion tool was used 20 million times inthe first two weeks ;) But yes, I don't think a significant number of people will drop their iDevice because there's no jb available. Those people buy Android instead, I suppose.

But yes, Apple's anti-jb stance is ludicrous. On the one hand they rip off features, but then they keep saying it's not safe. There are a number of flaws in that logic:

a) if the jailbreak is so unsafe, where are all the harmed people? And: the NSA et al apparently don't mind whether an iDevice is jailbreak or not ;)

b) if the jailbreak is so unsafe, how come that Apple doesn't force updates on their customers?
Apple - in one average software update - plug dozens and sometimes hundreds of potential security leaks. So, by not updating to an available update people risk as much, if not more, than the possible harm caused by a jailbreak.
So, if Apple were so concerned, they'd automatically update all iDevices. But they can't - because of legal implications and sheer practicality. So, hey: stfu! :p


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