Vectone offer FREE 3GB of data to apologise for downtime

Vectone offer FREE 3GB of data to apologise for downtime

Vectone have been experiencing some rather large issues, meaning that many of their customers were left without any service at all. Vectone issued an apology via social media advising customers to reconfigure their network settings.

"All customers experiencing network problems are advised to re-configure their network settings. Even if you have already tried this, we recommend doing this one more time. Thereafter, if your problem remains unsolved, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who will be happy to help"

It seems unclear as to when the service will be back to normal at this stage. We have had a report that Vectone are sending out text messages to customers offering free 3GB of data to make up for the downtime. All you will need to do it text "3GB" to 345 and you should be good to go. You may only be eligible if you receive the text, but there is no harm in trying, right? As i do not have a Vectone SIM handy i can't test this out, although we would definitely be interested to find out if any of you manage to get in on this!

Thanks to alexorza @HUKD for the tip

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