Video autoplay comes to Twitter's iOS app in latest update

Video autoplay comes to Twitter's iOS app in latest update

If you have a mobile contract with relatively low data limits and use an iPhone, you will definitely want to pay attention to this news. It was announced last night that Twitter will be bringing auto-play to its iOS app, allowing videos and .gifs to play as soon as they come on the screen. It works in a similar vein to the desktop version of Facebook, where you'll have to tap the video in question to have it play audio.

Now while this might be cause for celebration for those who don't like to use their fingers more than they have to, the issue that has been pointed out is that those with low data packages will see their usage shoot up as a result, and the new feature will be turned on by default. With the update rolling out today, we highly recommend that you change the settings to avoid hitting your usage cap or even paying excessive charges for going over your limit. For details on how to turn it off head over to the Twitter Help Center and scroll down to the appropriate section.

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