Video demand pushing our mobile data use ever higher

Video demand pushing our mobile data use ever higher

Mobile data use continues to sky-rocket – up 89% over the same period last year – and it seems like it's video that's guzzling up most of the bandwidth.

Analyst firm Bytemobile reckons as much as 60% of all mobile data traffic is generated by consumers watching video on their phones, with iPhone owners the most data-hungry of the lot.

It's no surprise that data consumption is rising, of course. Some the biggest advances in the mobile phone industry over the past few years have been made to mobile processors and displays, the two key elements you need to watch high-quality video.

And despite attempts by the likes of T-Mobile to convince us otherwise, that's exactly what we've been doing, with our mobile web habits increasingly matching the patterns seen on traditional PCs.

Bytemobile's figures show iPhone users are the most video-active, with 58% of all data chewed up on the Jobsian Wonder being used on video playback, versus 52% on Android handsets.

The spike in data demand is proving a problem for mobile carriers, the firm says, as they seek to balance the needs of the consumer with the cost involved in upgrading their networks to meet the increased demand.

“Continued aggressive growth in mobile data – fuelled by video and application usage over faster networks and more powerful, user-friendly devices – has created a formidable traffic management challenge for carriers,” says Bytemobile's Ronny Haraldsvik.

So far, the networks have tried to meet the challenge by capping data allowances or charging higher monthly fees for data-heavy subscriptions. And with data demand only increasing, it looks like that'll be the status quo for a while yet.

Via Reuters

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 21, 2011 at 13:23

Download while on WiFi or transfer from PC.
Don't waste your data. That sneezing Panda and smoking redhead... They'll still be there in 30 minutes.
The networks should go back to £5/MB - we really need a breather to check our priorities :p
oh well...

hard123  Jun. 21, 2011 at 19:04

Or just get All you can eat data from Three?


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