Video teases new Asus device

Video teases new Asus deviceLately, Asus has been busying itself with the PadFone and countless tablets and that, but a YouTube video suggests we might be on the verge of meeting yet another new device.

What the hell is it? Tablet? Smartphone? Asus PadFone-style phablet? Who knows, man? The video doesn’t give much – or indeed anything – away.

Weighing in at just 49 seconds, the video starts in slow motion, with a drop landing in some water. The resulting ripples give way to the message: ‘Experience the infinity’. Eh, what?

In the closing seconds it’s suggested that this new thing, whatever it is, will be shown off at Milan Design Week 2012, which takes place from tomorrow till Sunday.

The video’s title is Asus Zen Goccia; ‘goccia’ is Italian for ‘drop’. That, of course, ties in with the drop of water in the video.

I should mention that the video comes by way of a third party, so you might want to do a few lines of table salt. Ah well, it won’t be long till we find out if it’s a load of old nonsense.

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