Vodafone 4G to launch the same week as O2?

Vodafone 4G to launch the same week as O2?UK 4G mobile networks are like buses. You wait ages for a non-EE service then two come along at once. Or something.

O2 recently announced that it’ll roll out its 4G service from August 29, and word on the street suggests Vodafone will launch earlier that same week, with the added bonus of buying out some older non-4G contracts.

When I say word on “the street”, I of course mean The Times Technology (subscription required).

It’s saying that Big Red will reveal full details of Vodafone 4G later this week, with the launch date expected to fall – much to O2’s chagrin – before the end of the month.

Having said that, considering how long we’ve been waiting for 4G in the UK (EE’s October 2012 head start aside), I can’t imagine many consumers thinking: ‘Man, I really want 4G, but I can’t be bothered waiting an extra couple of days for O2. Sign me up, Vodafone!’

However, customers already on the Big Red network will potentially benefit from a buyout scheme type thing for non-4G contracts. Vodafone says: “If you've bought an iPhone 5, Samsung GALAXY SIII or a GALAXY Note II, simply bring it back to one of our stores when we launch our 4G network.

“Even if your plan hasn't ended, we'll knock off 75% of your remaining charges, letting you upgrade your phone early and start a fresh 4G plan.”

Meanwhile, O2 is blabbering on about thumbells. Brilliant.

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