Vodafone announces new data-friendly roaming packages for the summer

Vodafone announces new data-friendly roaming packages for the summerAll this decent weather around means our thoughts inevitably turn to sunny beaches on foreign shores, but one of the downsides to travelling abroad is the ridiculous cost of using your mobile phone in anything like your normal fashion.

Things have slowly been getting better, though, and this summer Vodafone has taken another step towards affordable mobile roaming with its newly tweaked Vodafone Data Traveller package.

As of the start of this month, subscribers to the service get a daily allowance of 25MB of mobile data for £2 a day in any of 35 countries across Europe – that's an impressive five-fold increase on the previous data allowance. Step outside of the EU and you can enjoy the same deal for £5 a day.

If you're a regular traveller, or are planning a trip longer than a few days, you can pay a one-off £10 for the 25MB daily data allowance for a whole month.

Vodafone has also introduced revised tariffs and allowances for business customers and text-heavy users – for more, check out the Vodafone website.

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