Is Vodafone coming for RIM?

Is Vodafone coming for RIM?Big Red could be taking over your BlackBerry. Yep, the rumour is that Vodafone UK wants to acquire RIM - the Canadian-based company responsible for BBM and those little devices that first introduced the world to portable push email.

Shares in the firm were up by as much as 14% yesterday morning amid the claims with investors apparently buoyed on by the news because RIM has lost so much money lately. Analysts reckon management are unable to save it - and RIM itself spent more than $2.9bn in the second financial quarter alone.

Bosses, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie have come in for some flack recently. Just a few months ago, a leaked open letter from an employee told the world that the company would be better off without them. And investors haven't been kind either.

RIM is no stranger to rumours - especially at the moment. Only last week, it was claimed that the PlayBook was being pulled because of less than impressive sales. That was quickly denied. But as of yet, takeover rumours haven't been (would RIM bother whilst its stock is doing so well?)

It may have just launched three new handsets  - but will they capture the public's imagination? On recent testing, we were distinctly underwhelmed. It could be the perfect time for Vodafone to strike.

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