Vodafone comes to the iPad 2 party

Vodafone comes to the iPad 2 partyAnd then there were four. Fresh from hearing that 3 Mobile will be offering its own brand of data-heavy contract love for the iPad 2 when it launches here in the UK, Vodafone has stepped in and grabbed some of the action too.

We're still a couple of weeks away from the expected UK launch on March 25, but demand for Apple's new slate is likely to be through the roof, so it's no surprise to see our mobile networks shuffling up for a piece of the pie. All of them except O2, that is.

Vodafone has slapped up a Coming Soon page for the iPad 2, but isn't giving too much away at this stage. The fairly sparse page simply allowing you to register for updates and promising that the tablet is indeed “coming soon”.

We're hearing that the network will be offering the 3G model complete with dedicated price plans, but as for what the details are, your guess is as good as ours at this stage.

So what do you think – even though we haven't seen any price plans yet, which of the networks do you reckon will pack the biggest iPad 2 punch? Let us know below.

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