Vodafone masks PAYG call price increases with ‘simplified’ charging

Vodafone masks PAYG call price increases with ‘simplified’ chargingThis reminds me of the time I received a letter saying: “Great news! We’ve had a chance to review your salary, and you no longer qualify for shift allowance.” Yeah, thanks for that.

Vodafone has great news for its customers, with the announcement that it’ll start charging by the minute rather than the second. Sixty-one second call? Round that sh*t up to two minutes, baby.

The new Vodafone PAYG pricing takes effect from August 1, 2013, and Big Red thinks it’s really great news for everyone concerned.

Why? According to Vodafone: “No more complicated pricing by the second – just clear, straightforward per minute charges. So if your call is a minute and 37 seconds long, it’ll be charged as two minutes. That way, you’ll always know exactly how many minutes you have left.”

Aww, that’s so kind of you, Vodafone.

In any case, calls will always be rounded up, so it doesn’t matter if you’re talking for 61 seconds or 119, that call effectively lasted two minutes. Lovely.

Over on the Vodafone forum, user FROSTYBALLS yells: “This revision isn't making charges simpler. Vodafone are disguising the fact that they are actually increasing the cost of calls, in some cases quite substantially.

“The Vodafone example above is representative of a 23% increase in call costs for the user. A call lasting 1 minute and 1 second will cost the user 96% more.”

Anyone here on Vodafone PAYG? Do you agree with FROSTYBALLS, or do you welcome the new system?

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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 9, 2013 at 14:30

Airwave pirates, all of them.

Like, now they advertise the great new 'savings' when you use your phone abroad. LOL The EU forced you scammers!


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