Vodafone first network to offer white BlackBerry Bold Touch

Vodafone first network to offer white BlackBerry Bold TouchWhite phones are proving incredibly popular these days, with the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II both now available in – as the French say – blanche.

The BlackBerry Bold Touch is next in line for the Michael Jackson treatment, and Vodafone has confirmed that it’ll be the only network to carry the phone right off the proverbial bat.

A post on Vodafone UK’s Facebook page reveals: “‎BlackBerry UK & Ireland has just announced the Bold 9900 in white and Vodafone will be the only network to buy it from at launch! Check out our quick video and let us know what you think.” Here’s a handy link to said video on YouToob.

With a 1.2GHz single-core processor, the BlackBerry Bold Touch is the, er, most powerful BlackBerry yet. It has a 2.8in touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard and 5MP rear snapper.

Vodafone doesn’t say exactly when the BlackBerry Bold Touch will be available in white, but if you’re keen you can register for updates on the network’s Coming Soon page.

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corgi74  Oct. 25, 2011 at 13:29

In your face other networks!!!! Who's the daddy now?


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