Vodafone to offer Moto G on contract with KitKat Android 4.4.2 update

Vodafone to offer Moto G on contract with KitKat Android 4.4.2 updateAfter shunning the UK with the US-only Moto X, Motorola's Moto G proved to be one of the surprise hits of 2013, with entirely decent specs and a wallet-friendly price tag.

UK network Vodafone has announced that it’s jumping on the bandwagon, shortly offering the Moto G with the coveted KitKat Android 4.4.2 update, but it remains to be seen if it’ll make much financial sense.

Big Red tells CNET it’ll soon carry the Moto G with KitKat Android 4.4.2, which initially sounds quite appealing, though – crucially – it’s not clear how much it’ll cost.

The issue is that the Moto G is already fairly affordable (£99 for the 8GB, £129 for the 16GB), and as such one has to wonder what a subsidised contract can offer in the way of value for money.

Over on Phones 4u, the 8GB Moto G is available on Vodafone for £11PM over 24 months, but you’re talking £264 total for a phone that costs £99 up front. Worse still, the Vodafone Red 24 allowance includes 100 minutes, unlimited texts, and… wait for it… 50MB of data.

Yeah, we’ll see what Vodafone offers directly with its Moto G contracts, but they’ll likely exclusively appeal to those who can’t afford to buy the phone outright. Which, er, is kinda the point of contracts, I guess.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 9, 2014 at 15:55

coveted KitKat Android 4.4.2

Things have gone nutty, haven't they? A 'coveted' update that is obsolete in 2 months...
The other day I used my E75... a 3 year old firmware version. Imagine how I almost died. The shame. The pain...


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