Vodafone Smart Mini: 3.5in, 4GB storage, Jelly Bean, £50

Vodafone Smart Mini: 3.5in, 4GB storage, Jelly Bean, £50Mini versions of phones are all the rage at the moment. Samsung recently made the Galaxy S4 mini official, and the HTC One Mini is expected at some point soonish.

Not to be outdone by two of the world’s top mobile manufacturers, Big Red has announced the, er, Vodafone Smart Mini.

The network revealed the phone in a blog post yesterday, and it’s available to buy now from the Vodafone shop, at a wallet-friendly £50 on PAYG.

To sweeten the deal, if you top up with a Freedom Freebie between now and the end of July, you get 30 days of free internet.

For your £50, the Vodafone Smart Mini provides a 3.5in display (320 x 480, 165PPI), some sort of 1GHz processor (no mention of RAM on the specs page), 4GB internal storage (with microSD welcoming a further 32GB), and a modest 2MP rear camera.

Rocking Jelly Bean Android 4.1, Vodafone claims that the Smart Mini comes with “the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system”. That’s if you ignore Android 4.2, and the imminent arrival of Android 4.3.

But still, £50 for Jelly Bean ain’t too shabby.

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