Vodafone Smart Tab 4G is the network’s 'best ever tablet'

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G is the network’s 'best ever tablet'If you liked the look of the Vodafone Smart Tab 4 back in May this year, but mourned the absence of 4G, Big Red has the answer to your tablet-flavoured prayers.

Meet the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G, described as the network’s “best ever tablet” and the “most affordable 4G tablet on the market”.

While I’d be inclined to suggest that you get what you pay for, the marketing speak from Vodafone puts a predictably more positive slant on things: “You don’t see many devices of this quality at this price point.”

Ok, so let’s talk “quality”. For starters, Vodafone Smart Tab 4G specs include an 8in display with 1280 x 800 resolution, which is less pixels than the Google Nexus 7 2013 (1200 x 1920) over a larger area. But, to be fair, that’s actually a slightly higher resolution than the 768 x 1024 first-gen iPad mini.

We’re admittedly pleasantly surprised that the 3G model’s MediaTek processor is gone, too, the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G instead adopting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset.

Meanwhile, the 5MP rear camera is “improved”, though the network doesn’t bother explaining what that means exactly.

Other Vodafone Smart Tab 4G specs include a 2MP front camera, 8GB expandable storage, 1GB RAM, a 4,060mAh battery and KitKat Android 4.4.

Of course, 4G is the big selling point here, and again the network assures us the Vodafone Smart Tab 4G is the cheapest 4G tablet out there.

Incidentally, Vodafone Smart Tab 4G price comes in at £125 on PAYG, while a 1GB 4G plan will set you back £17PM with an upfront cost of £29. Presumably that’s over 24 months, so that’d be £437 total.

One might wonder how much market there is for this thing, but Vodafone says of its budget range: "We all felt there would be a demand for a low cost tablet, but no one was quite prepared for the level of success it saw in the first 12 months.”

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